by Rich Pasco
Revised Thursday, November 11, 2004
Copyright © 2004 Richard Pasco

HexDump is a Windows command-line utility which reads a binary file and writes text file with a hexadecimal dump of its contents

License is free to end users, but I retain the copyright. This program is shared "as-is" without warranty, promise of support, or liability for consequences of its use.

Calling syntax

Command-line invocation is according to the syntax:

  hexdump filename  [/skip:n] [/keep:n] [/bare] > dumpfile.txt
    /skip:nOffset where to begin dumping (prefix hex with $)
    /keep:nNumber of bytes to dump
   /bareOmit headings


  1. Download and open hexdump.zip.
  2. Move hexdump.exe into any directory on your command PATH.
  3. Save hexdump.html (this file) for future reference.

Author: Rich Pasco